Training Update

Dan John 40 Day Workout #4

Deadlift: 2 x 5 – 153#
Press: 2 x 5 – 60#
Pullup: 3 x 3 strict w/red band
Swing: 30 x 30#
GHD situp x 10

Did the above workout in the morning. Then spent most of the day doing ranch work. The cows jumped over two gates and got all mixed up. We fixed fence, chased cows, yelled at the dog, yelled at the cows, yelled at each other, and so on and so forth for about five hours. Matters were complicated by knee deep snow everywhere. By the end of the afternoon it felt like I weighed about 200 pounds, or at least had a hundred pounds strapped to each foot.

Then I packed up and headed back to the big city for an hour and a half judo practice. We went through everything for the test except randori, as extra breakfalling practice was requested at the end of class. My breakfalls felt like crap, but a couple of people told me that they looked good because I started flying straight instead of kinking like I usually do. News to me. I’ve been doing martial arts for five years and no one has ever told me that I change directions in mid-air. Apparently, historically speaking, I kink.

Well, better I learn this now instead of at the black belt test in front of the grand masters.


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