Morning Metcon + DJ40 #2

This morning:

AMRAP in 7 minutes of:

5 strict push-ups
30 unbroken jump rope skips

(If skips are broken, count starts over at one until 30 consecutive are reached.)

8 rounds + 5 push-ups

All skip sets were unbroken except one where I snagged my toe with the rope, but it was on rep one or two so no big deal. Push-ups sucked. I’ve gotten really weak on these. If I was better there I could have got a lot more rounds.

The whole day was spent feeding cows, shoveling snow, chopping ice and generally being fantastically sick and tired of winter.


Dan John 40 Day Program Day #2

Deadlift: 2 x 5 (153#)
Press: 2 x 5 (50#)
Pullup: 2 x 5 (reps 1 & 2 strict, 3-5 kipping)
DB Swing 25 @ 30#
GHD situps x 10

My anxiety level is high, as we have a judo belt test coming up in under two weeks. I’ve missed every test for the last year, and most classes for the last three months. The weather has just been crappy, and I’ve been needed here. Not really anything I can do about it unless I either learn to fly or learn to control the weather. Since I’m not going to become Nathan Patrelli or Storm from X-Men anytime soon I just have to make do. 

I tried a solo practice for a while. I filled some feed bags with pea gravel, duck taped them up tight, and stuffed them in an old backpack. It worked great for slams and throws, such as Ippon Seoinage and Morote Seoinage or even a crude hip throw. Things were peachy! Until… the backpack disintegrated. 

Bummer. Looks like I’ll be a brown belt forever.


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