Dan John’s 40 Day Program

Today CrossFit Ireland had a link up to an article about Dan John’s 40 Day Program. Basically, you pick five exercises from five different groups of movements and do those every workout for 40 workouts.

The five movements are:

A large posterior chain movement (the deadlift is the right answer)

• Upper body push (bench press, incline bench press, military press)

• Upper body pull (pull-ups, rows, or, if you’ve ignored them like me, heavy bicep curls)

• A simple full-body explosive move (kettlebell swings or snatches)

• And something for what I call an “anterior chain” move (an abdominal exercise). I think the ab wheel is king here, but you can also do some movements best suited for lower reps.

I picked:

1. Deadlift (duh)
2. Standing Press
3. Pull-up
4. KB/DB swings
5. GHD situps/Ab-Wheel

The rep scheme is two sets of five for the deads, press, and pull-ups, one set of 20-50 for the swings, and one set of five for the abs.

My first workout was tonight, and it looked like this:

1. DL: 163#/163# (easy peasy)
2. Press: 60#/60# (just right)
3. Pull-up: 1 strict, 4 kipping/1 strict, 4 kipping (all with red band and unweighted)
4. 20 DB swings, 30#
5. GHD situps, two sets of five (one set felt too easy)

I’ll alternate the GHD situps and ab-wheels depending on where I am. If I’m in the big city I have access to both, if I’m in the country I only have my home-made GHD. If I do GHD’s I’ll bump up the reps as they are a lot easier than ab-wheels.


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