Strength workout:

  • Snatch – (65% x 2, 70% x 2, 75% x 1) x 3
  • Clean & jerk – (65% x 2, 70% x 2, 75% x 1) x 3

Weights were:

Snatch 60#/65#/70#
C&J: 75#/80#/85#

Judo class tonight. We had twelve people so it got kind of crazy in our tiny little dojo. It was fun though, as always. We worked on four throws, breaking the technique down step by step and putting an emphasis on kazushi.  We did two pins and escapes then called it a night. It was Neils’ last night before he moves so we had a little fun with him afterwards. There may have been duck tape involved, but if I told you the details I’d have to kill you.

I’ve been kind of lazy with my training lately. Making excuses for myself, which doesn’t do me one bit of good. Then today I watched the Mikko Salo documentary “Sisu” and the documentary about Tanya Wagner. For those of you that don’t know, Mikko and Tanya were the winners of the 2009 CrossFit Games. Wow. Inspirational to say the least. Two people that don’t make excuses and it shows.

It was enough to get me up off my fat ass to do the snatches and clean and jerks.

Mikko Salo documentary

Tanya Wagner documentary


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