Deadlift + Press + WHAM!

Deadlift 5×5 – 173# on all sets

Press 5×5 – 62# on all sets

These felt pretty good. I’ve been working on doing the deadlifts with the regular over-over grip as opposed to the over-under grip which I usually use. I read somewhere the over-under creates a strength imbalance and should only be used on max effort lifts. I made it all the way to the last rep before I had to switch grips, and I definitely felt it in my back the second I switched.

The presses have been feeling good too. I’ve been concentrating on form on those as well, using a tip from Sage Bugener’s blog: keep the elbows in front of the bar and pull your chin back like you are making a double chin before pushing the weight up. Doing this has helped me put the weight straight up, instead of weaving it around my head like I think I used to do.

I’ve been back on the low-carb paleo wagon since New Years. I’m not weighing/measuring, just trying to eat good quality food every time I eat. I get obsessive (and not in a good way) when I WAM. (And by WAM I mean weigh-and-measure, not WHAM as in Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Although I did have a terrible crush on George Michael when I was younger, which I’m sure set me up for a lifetime of bad judgement when it came to men. Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo!)

Also: Still snowing. Still shoveling.


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