The Heavy Bag

This morning was squat day at CrossFit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do traditional back squats due to my knees. I tried a few and got the usual screeching and cracking noises so I put the kabosh on that. Instead I worked on some box squats – which I am able to do with no knee pain whatsoever. I only did 72# x 5 for three or four sets. It’s a lot harder than it looks to pop up off that box, especially with a bar on your back.

After that we hit a metcon that was supposed to be 21-15-9 reps of overhead squat and pull-ups. Ixnay on the squats, so I did swings instead with a 25# dumbbell. I could have gone a LOT heavier on the swings – they were cake. I finished in 5:38.

I finally made it to Kyuki-do tonight, and it was heavy bag night (Yay!) We went through the breakfalling form about three times and then hung the bag up and worked on elbow strikes, hammer strikes and spinning backfists. Fun stuff!

Whenever we hit the heavy bag I always try to channel Lucia Rijker. I wish I could hit like her. Holy smokes!


2 thoughts on “The Heavy Bag

    • That would be a cold that is sucking the very life out of me. On the bright side, since I can’t do much more than sleep and go through boxes of kleenex my legs have healed up quite a bit. It’s bad, but it’s good!

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