Tuckered Out

We got our calves sold yesterday. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but not nearly as good as it should have been. Such is life.

Today we sorted out our yearling and two year old heifers and vaccinated and poured them. (“Pouring” means to douse them with de-lousing solution.) As a result, half of my day was spent sprinting up and down a manure-slicked alleyway clapping my hands together furiously and begging about sixty five energetic heifers to please just go through one more gate.

Then we moved them to their winter pasture, which wasn’t too bad because the two year olds knew where to go so there wasn’t much crying, cursing and beseeching involved.

Then I drove 90 miles back to town to make judo class because I thought there was a test next weekend. Turns out it was switched to the weekend after that, so I have more time than I thought. Whew.

We did all left sided throws tonight, which was great because my left knee is the one that’s currently blown out so it spent most of the night hanging in the air instead of supporting all of my (substantially growing) body weight like it does on right side throws.

I did really bad on my eating yesterday. Yesterday was the number one most stressful day of the year, and I tend to drown my stress in food. Lots of cookies were consumed. On top of that, the sale barn cafe has one of the best bacon cheeseburgers in the state. With about 4.5 million pounds of prime beef going through there every sale day they ought to have good burgers. Then the sale barn pays for dinner at the steak house of your choice, and we had filet mingon. Yummy.

Today’s food: Breakfast: sausage and scrambled eggs. Lunch: 2 beef brats, almond butter. Snack: Zone dark chocolate bar, chocolate peanut butter, cheese, mixed nuts. Supper: cheese, mixed nuts, apple.


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