Amateur Internet Diagnosis-es

Yes, I know. I haven’t posted in a long, long time. 

It turns out I hurt my knee worse than I had originally thought. About four years ago I hurt one of them while I was running (damn cambered roads!) and the other while I was working outside. Based on my own internet medical diagnosis I’m pretty sure I have torn lateral collateral ligaments in each knee. They will heal a little bit, and then I’ll step wrong or get thrown in judo or land funny on a double under attempt and they either re-tear or become inflamed again. A logical, normal person would go to a real doctor and get this cleared up once and for all. However, I think we all know that I am far from normal or rational. 

1.) I do not like doctors. I only go to the doctor when I am literally about to go on life support, and even then I seriously consider just taking an extra Tylenol and hoping it will clear up/go away.

2.) I do not like our local hospital. People tend to go in and either not come out alive or they come out with MRSA, staph or something of that nature. This does not help with my doctor/hospital phobia.

3.) If my amateur internet medical diagnosis is correct I would have to have surgery on both knees. This is a problem because: a.) I hate doctors, doctors do surgery; b.) bad, bad hospital; c.) I need to work, and I need my knees to do this – even if they are not fully functional knees.

So, now that I’ve gone through all that – I think I’ll just take an extra Tylenol and hope it goes away.

Today I started CrossFit 603’s PTP Program:


  • Warm up with some DLs at lighter weight
  • Set 1: 60% of 1RM, 3-5 reps (138#)
  • Set 2: 90% of Set 1, 3-5 reps (125#)


  • Warm up with some presses at lighter weight
  • Set 1: 60% of 1RM, 3-5 reps (48#)
  • Set 2: 90% of Set 1, 3-5 reps (43#)

Since I can’t do much with my bad knee I didn’t do the metcon portion. However, since I spent most of the day literally shoveling sh*t (we cleaned out our big cow barn) and building a windbreak, I didn’t sweat the metcon.


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