Warmup: Double under practice. Still unsuccessful in achieving an actual double under. Wised up a little and actually wore shoes today.

2 rounds of:

15 Thrusters (53#)
15 Ball Slams (12#)
15 Burpees
15 Box Jumps (19#)

Round 1: 5:05
Round 2: 5:10

RX’d was three rounds with no rest period. I wasn’t feeling so hot so I took a little break between rounds, and it still kicked my butt. The thrusters were unbroken the first round, and I had mucho trouble with the ball slams the first round. I was using a big Dynamax ball and because of the weird shape it bounced all over the place when I slammed it. I probably wasted quite a bit if time chasing the darn ball around. The second round I had trouble with the thrusters, but I stormed through the ball slams unbroken.

Cool down: Pull-up practice. Worked on my kip a little with the small red band. I did sets of 5 throughout the day also, just for fun. I think I probably ended up doing about 75 pull-ups total all day.


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