AMRAP 10 minutes:

3 push-ups
5 pull-ups
7 weighted sit-ups

8 rounds + 3 push-ups

I probably could have easily gotten 10 rounds, but I had some starts and stops as I adjusted the WOD mid-stream. RX’d was 20 minutes, with 3 handstand push-ups and knees to elbows instead of sit-ups. However, I am definitely older and possibly a little bit wiser (debatable, I know) so I scaled this back. This is my first WOD in a while, and the memory of my disastrous 90 pull-up/90 dip workout is still fresh in my psyche. Actually, it’s seared into my psyche, and also seared into my lats and biceps. I subbed strict push-ups for the HSPU and 10# weighted sit-ups for the K2E. I started out intending to do K2E, but after three or four in the first round I could tell it was going to shred my hands.

I would rather be able to work out tomorrow than not be able to raise my arms above my head for five days. Being macho will only get you so far.

Here is a link to a great article by Tommy Kono titled “If I Had My Way.”

It’s about treating the gym with the respect a martial artist would treat a dojo (training hall.) As a martial artist I know the most important rule of the dojo: never, ever, ever step on the mats with your shoes. EVER! I remember seeing a parent step onto the mat to take a picture during a belt test once. He didn’t have to be told he made a mistake. Every single martial artist in the room – from the five year old white belts to the 9th Degree Grand Master – turned to stare in shock at his feet and gasp. You could hear the collective breath being sucked in in the room. NEVER step on the mat with your shoes! EVER!

When I started doing CrossFit with my friend Steve he had some nice Swain mats in his garage that we would do sit-ups and push-ups on. The first time I saw him walk across those with his shoes on I almost fainted. I’m not being overly dramatic when I say that either, it really and truly blew me away. He still has them at the box and even now I can’t bring myself to step on them. I’ll go around, thank you very much, even if it adds a few seconds to my WOD time. I also cringe when I see dusty shoe prints on them. Oh, the humanity!

Respect people! Respect the mat, respect the bar, respect the bumper plates, respect the training, respect yourself.

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