Cody Black Belt Test and Tournament


The Crusher and I before the black belt test in Cody, Wyoming.


Crusher throwing me during the kata.

On Thursday we made the migration west to Cody, Wyoming, for the black belt test and tournament. The Crusher, Joey and Neils from our school tested for black belt in judo, and I was Crusher’s “uke” (a.k.a. the person she beat up.) It went really well and all three of them are now 1st Dan Black Belts in Judo.

I think Crusher and I got a standing ovation when we did kata guruma during Nage No Kata. I say “I think” because I was upside down at the time, but the cheering directly coincided with my body slamming into the ground. Pretty sure that was it. Kata guruma is pretty dramatic looking and is a crowd favorite, kind of a WWE-ish technique.

After the test the 9th Degree Grand Master Kim told Crusher he’d been watching her at the tournaments and said he greatly admired her, and that she was “a tough and mean lady. You a mean, MEAN lady.” She took it as a compliment, as she should. And, despite that comment and her nickname, Crusher really is a sweetheart.

One of the ladies that tested for second degree in Kyuki-Do at the test told me later I did a great job during the test. I was ready to reply that I really didn’t do that much when she said “The whole time I was watching you I was thinking, ‘Boy, that girl can sure take a beating.'” Uh, thanks… I think.

The next day was the tournament, and I competed in Judo. I won one match and lost one, ending up with second place. The match I lost was a down and dirty, vicious fight to the end, and I even left a little bit of skin on her gi (uniform.) I just ran out of gas in the end, probably due in part to the elevation (over 5,000 feet) and partly due to the fact that I’ve been living on cake and ice cream and not sleeping well for two weeks. Oh, and I’ve only done randori (practice sparring) about four times in the last six months. So second is more than I expected.


2 thoughts on “Cody Black Belt Test and Tournament

  1. Tammy,
    Can you make a CD or something of the pics that you took? I would like to get some if you have a chance. Good performance this weekend!!!

    • Jeff, I didn’t get that many pictures. I got some during the judo competition, and a few of Jessie and Garret doing their bo form. I’ll be posting them on the web site in the next few days.

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