One Step Forward, One Step Back

This morning:

5 rounds
Max# BW Bench Press
Max# Pullups
Rest 5 minutes between rounds

I was stinky poo on this one this morning:

7/9, 8/9, 7/9, 7/9, 8/5  Total: 37/41

Bench was 78# and Pull-ups were with a blue band.

I’ve done this WOD quite a few times and this is probably the worst I’ve ever done. But I’m cool with that, because now I know what I need to work on. Well, hang on, back up a minute – I need to work on a lot of things, but the thing I need to work on the most is consistency. That is the key to my problems. However, my life is very inconsistent, I never know from one day to the next what I’m going to be doing. Constantly varied, high intensity – hmmm, sounds familiar. Maybe I can work with that.

On one of the sets of nine pull-ups I lost count and then wasn’t sure if the last rep was legit. Steve was watching so I asked him and he said “Oh, sorry. I was mesmerized by the bruises on your leg. Look, there’s a smiley face!” The calf of my right leg has some spectacular bruising patterns from the extra judo I’ve been doing. So I don’t know if I did 11 or 10 or 9 pull-ups on that round, but I do know that if you squint your eyes just right I do indeed have a smiley face on the back of my leg. Fantastic.

A while ago I stumbled on a blog of a young lady judoka and she had a photo gallery of all the bruises she sustained doing judo. Maybe I should do that. Then I would probably lose all 18 people that actually read this thing. Probably the same 18 people that listen to CrossFit Radio.

Maybe I should post a poll: “Would you like to see photos of my boo-boos?” But then people might think boo-boos are a very different thing than I think they are. That might bring more readers. Or less? OK, I’m confused now. Nevermind.

Four hours of martial arts tonight. Kata practice with Crusher, and we had Shoulders come in and critique us. She gave us some good pointers. Not surprisingly, the thing we need the most work on is kata guruma. Most specifically, the way Crusher picks me up on kata guruma, so she must have hoisted me up on her shoulders at least 25 times. “Hey Crusher, how much can you squat.” “Oh, I can squat Tami for reps.”



2 thoughts on “One Step Forward, One Step Back

  1. This was the worst I had every done on this workout also.. Pullups were ok – would have easily done the best ever on them if I hadn’t slipped off the bar at 6reps when I had been averaging about 18 per round. My bench really sucked though. Worst ever – by quite a bit.

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