Practice Makes Progress


Tonight Crusher and I did an hour of judo practice for the black belt test. We did Nage No Kata two or three times, then ran through all of the take-downs, pins, arm bars, chokes, standing take-downs and throws. Then we did kata one more time. 

We improve a little bit every time. My breakfalls are feeling better and I managed not to fall on top of my head on kata guruma. Whoo-hoo! Though I do panic a little bit everytime I get up there, trying to remember which way I have to fall before she drops me.

I think my body is getting conditioned to the breakfalling. When I first started doing kata it felt like I’d been run over by a truck afterwards. Now, I don’t know if I’m just used to the beatings, or if my body has actually toughened up a little.

Although I did learn tonight that Crusher has lined up Shoulders as a back-up uke for tomorrow night, so I’m not sure what she has planned for me…

Cue dramatic music.

Pull-up update: still absent. Though 80 pound presses have stuck around.

Diet update: On day three of the anabolic diet induction phase. Feelin’ good.


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