My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

Nage No Kata practice with the Crusher tonight. All was going well until the first left side kata garuma that she was going to throw me on. She lost her grip on my sleeve and I pitched head first into the floor. It caught me off guard and I didn’t have enough time to turn my body over, so all I could do was land on top of my head. 


Not to mention the visions of crunched vertebrae that flashed through my mind. It scared me. BAD. My hands were still shaking an hour afterward. 

Not sure what I got myself into with this uke business.

On another more frustrating note, I am still unable to do a dead-hang pull-up. I can only raise myself up about two inches. I was doing two in a row a couple of weeks ago before my unfortunate 90 pull-up/90 dip workout that nearly killed me. I have no idea why this has happened other than that I possibly seriously injured or damaged my body due to bad nutrition, severe lack of sleep and over-training. 

Not good.


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