Nage No Kata-Fest

Today we had an all-day Nage No Kata extravaganza. Master E was back for a visit to school us in the intracacies of the kata for the upcoming black belt test on October 2. 

One of the most terrifying parts of the kata (in my acrophobic opinion) is kata guruma. There is just something about being hoisted up onto someone’s shoulders, then held there ever so briefly so that you can contemplate just why you are way up in the air, how the hell you got yourself in this situation in the first place, and how much it’s going to hurt when they drop you. 

So to cure us of our fears Master E had us breakfall off of increasingly taller objects until we got to the 24″ plyobox.






Not really sure if this is an effective acrophobia cure or not. Jury’s still out.

Also not sure if this is the brightest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Jury’s still out on that one too.

All I can say is I finally understand why the judokas have that peculiar walk in the kata. After today I’m walking like that ALL THE TIME because I can’t feel my legs anymore.


2 thoughts on “Nage No Kata-Fest

    • It was fun in a sadistic sort of way 🙂

      Judo evolved out of jujutsu, so I’m sure there are many techniques that are similar between the two.

      Seibukan Juijitsu looks interesting, you’ll have to tell me about it some time.

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