These Are Just A Few of My Least Favorite Things

21-18-15-12-9 rep rounds of:

One arm dumbbell thruster, 20#
4-count flutter kicks


Then, rest a bit and row 500 meters for time:

1:54.1 (PR)

“These are just a few of my LEAST favorite things” sung in a Mary Poppins pip-pip-cheerio tune. Yes, I am aware this song is a Christmas song and not actually from Mary Poppins. I don’t care. I think of Mary Poppins when I hear it, so there.

I hate thrusters, and I hate one arm dumbbell thrusters even more than I hate plain old ordinary thrusters. I also detest flutter kicks, especially the four-count variety. The only thing that could have been worse is if there had been running involved somehow. Blech. I need a spoonful of sugar to get that one down.

Later tonight kata practice with Crusher. Not fun when you are the uke, especially when your tori is someone named “Crusher.”


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