How To Destroy Yourself

Would you like to know how to completely destroy yourself?

Answer: For a two week period do a hard CrossFit workout in the morning, judo in the afternoon, followed by another martial arts class and then judo again, eat one or two meals a day, and sleep two to four hours a night. On top of that add stress from the friction between work and family, and worries about money, and then stress about all the stressing you are doing. Repeat the next day.

That’s what I did for two weeks and I almost killed myself. Today was the first day since last Friday where I even remotely felt like myself.

Sometime in the last week – Tuesday, maybe – I tried doing some deadlifts and bombed spectacularly. My best lift! Oh, the shame.

Then – possibly the same day – I tried doing a pull-up. Nyet. Not one. I just did 90 of them on Friday for crying out loud!

So today I picked up a bar and did some shoulder presses just to try and stretch out the muscles under my arms because they still burn. The presses felt pretty good after the pain went away, so I worked some sets that looked like this:

5 x 65# / 5 x 70# / 3 x 80# / 2 x 80# / 1 x 80#

80 is my previous 1RM. Where did that come from? I don’t know, but I’ll take it.

Then later tonight judo class. The Master is back in town so we had an old-school class tonight. Fourteen people as well – in our little dojo that is pretty much max capacity, a cool problem to have.


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