Up In Arms

It was a beautiful morning so I took the dogs for a nice easy three mile hike. We managed to lose Beetle about half way so we turned around and backtracked to try and find her. Poor Gus just kept looking at me imploringly, kind of like “Can’t we just leave her? We actually have to walk MORE just to find her?”

Gus loves the hikes, until about a mile and a half in and then he remembers he actually hates them. He tries to get me to carry him (he weighs about 80 pounds – and he stinks, so ixnay on that) or he tries to hitch rides with passing cars (difficult, he doesn’t have a thumb to stick up, and he’s illiterate so he can’t make a sign to hold.)

When we get home he collapses in a heap and gives me a look that says “I’m never doing that again.” But the next time I head down the road he jumps around and barks and says “A hike? AWESOME!” and we go through the whole thing again. Poor Gussy.

A hike was pretty much all I could do today. I have severe, severe DOMS from the pull-up/dip workout on Thursday plus all the extra judo from the week. The pain was so bad it actually woke me up early Friday morning and has been making me sick to my stomach now and then. I haven’t been able to raise my arms above shoulder height for about two days. Pull-ups always do this to me. Doesn’t matter if it’s jumping, band assisted – whatever. I can do workouts with high reps of squats, push-ups, dips, even lunges. I get a little sore, but nothing this serious.

I’ve been mainlining fish oil and slathering on the horse liniment (seriously, that stuff rocks) but based on past experience I have a couple more days until I’m feeling normal again. 

Whatever “normal” is for me. That’s up for debate.


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