11 Minutes


90 pull-ups
90 dips

For time

Seasoned CrossFitters will recognize this as a scaled version of 30 muscle-ups for time. I used the blue band for pull-ups and the red band (small) for the ring dips.


This is an 11 minute PR for me. That’s right 11 MINUTES. Which brings to mind the question, what the heck was I doing for those eleven minutes all the other times I did this? 

My theories:

1) picking my toenails
2) twiddling my thumbs
3) reading War and Peace 

1/4/08 – 12:08 – 120 jumping pull-ups, 120 bench dips
3/26/08 – 29:00 – 90 ring rows, 90 jumping ring dips
8/1/08 – 32:10 – 100 ring rows, 100 band dips 

I have no explanation for the huge improvement, other than the fact that I’ve gotten a lot better at dips since I’ve been doing all those burpees and Strength Bias. Not sure which one is more responsible, but my moneys on the burpees.

I also tore a huge chunk of skin off my finger. I washed my hands (with soap!) right after I tore the flap of skin off (thank you, OCD) and holy mama mia did that hurt. The only thing that hurt worse was the last time I tore my hands and I decided it would be a good idea to put liquid bandage on them. If you listen carefully, you can still hear me screaming. I ain’t that bright.

Tonight was my third night of judo in a row. Crusher called and cancelled our kata practice (thank you Jesus!) so I only had regular class tonight. I was partnered with a new guy and he was a tich aggressive. We only worked on Ouchi Gari and a few ground techniques but I think he kicked me in the shins and ankles a total of 15 times.

So yeah, I’m sore.


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