What A Day

Deadlift 3 x 5


1 x 20 @ 158# (PR)

5 rounds for time:

5 Hang Power Clean, 73#
20 Double Unders (sub 60 singles)


Well, the day started off OK – only because I did deadlifts – but it gently slid downhill after that. I would also like to note that I used my new 25mm barbell and for the first time I was able to do a hook grip and hang on to the stinkin’ bar for more than 12 reps. Finally!

Then, work, work, work. Cook lunch. Clean stuff up. Feed and water various farm animals. Yada, yada, yada.

Then I had to rush to Pierre to do kata practice with Crusher. Only I forgot that it was 5:00 Pierre time and not 5:00 Real Time. So, being an hour late, I ran around the house in a frenzy throwing things around and hoping the ones I needed somehow landed in my car. I had to go back because I forgot the tiny little flash drive that had all my work files on it. Doh!  Then I took a shortcut to avoid The World’s Worst Road Construction. It is so bad they officially gave it that title. Boston had The Big Dig, we have The World’s Worst Road Construction. For reals. I had to run home before I went to the dojo because I smelled of various farm animals and that’s not good.

So finally, scrubbed (somewhat) clean I practiced kata with Crusher for about a half hour, then regular judo class for an hour and a half. The last ten minutes of class we did a speed drill where one person stands in the middle of a circle and one by one twelve people run at them and attack and they have to throw the attackers. The Engineer did something to me, I’m still not sure what, and I cracked the back of my head pretty good on the mat. I was seeing little birdies and stars for a good while after that. 

I pulled up to the parking lot of my apartment battered, bruised, tired, cranky, depressed, dizzy – and I seriously considered just sleeping in my car. It felt so good to just sit there and not move that I really did just about go to sleep right then and there. Just my luck I would have got arrested for something or my car would have caught on fire. It was that kind of day.

I also seemed to have diarrhea of the mouth today. I liberally dispensed my opinions to one and all, whether they wanted them or not. Blah, blah, blah. I grew up in a family where my opinion was not valued and not asked for and therefore I am always uncomfortable giving it. I always regret it and think in the back of my mind “Shut up! Shut up! No one gives a crap!” but the words keep coming out. So to anyone and everyone I pissed off today, I’m sorry. Just ignore me and I’ll go away.

If the blow to the head had come at the beginning of the day, I could have used that for an excuse. Although I did say some stupid stuff after it happened, so that’s covered. Also, everything I just wrote above is also the fault of my head trauma. For reals.

Now, I am going to extend one of my digits to the paleo diet and go eat a piece of chocolate cake.


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