CrossFit Total

1 rep back squat
1 rep press
1 rep deadlift

BS: 148
PR: 73
DL: 228

Total: 449

I felt kinda weak this morning. No sleepy, no eaty, no lifty heavy thingy. Only one pound below my Total PR, so I guess not awful. I did talk Angie into lifting 203# on her deadlift. Awesome!

Four hours of martial arts tonight. Shoulders, Crusher and I came in at 5:00 to work on Nage No Kata. Then Shoulders and I did Kyuki-Do, and then all three of us stayed for judo class. Tami tired.

I didn’t get many workouts in this week. I was busy with work and, among other things, a remodel of my home gym at the ranch. Pictures coming soon. I treated myself to a brand new B&R women’s bar from Rogue and it is beeeautiful. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I go down to the gym on a regular basis and just stare at it. Shiny. Tami likey.

I did get some sprint work in on Monday. I helped my mom do some yard work around her house and I got chased by a swarm of killer bees. I was mowing a big patch of weeds which must have been their happy home because they lit into me and chased me about 100 feet into the house. I sprinted right by my mom, who was using another lawn mower, vigorously waving my arms and shedding articles of clothing as I went. She didn’t notice. I guess she doesn’t think that is odd behavior on my part. Anyway, after I calmed down and doctored my stings I went back out and I got chased AGAIN. I either smelled really good or really bad to bees. 

It reminded me a little bit of a scene from the greatest movie of all time, Tommy Boy. (If you don’t own your own DVD copy of Tommy Boy your life is not complete. Go get one now. I’ll wait.)

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