Row Or You’re Benched!

For time:

Row 500m
72# Bench Press, 30 reps
Row 1000m
72# Bench Press, 20 reps
Row 2000m
72# Bench Press, 10 reps


I went in early this morning because if we did a metcon I wanted to stay and do some extra credit strength work, and if we did strength work I wanted to stay and do some rowing. Well, Steve must have read my mind because he gave me BOTH.

Thanks dude.

I’ll tell you, about 500 meters in to the last 2000 meter row I didn’t think I was going to make it. I just thought it was over. Kaput. I didn’t think I could move one more inch. However, seeing that I was actually strapped to the darn machine and couldn’t just stop, I kept going and somehow ended up in my happy place. True, it wasn’t really all that happy, because even though I was surrounded by singing cartoon birds and eating cupcakes in a sunny green field filled with buttercups I was still ROWING. 

Some things just can’t be ignored.

Also, it’s very hard to eat imaginary cupcakes while rowing. I’m just saying…


5 thoughts on “Row Or You’re Benched!

  1. You did awesome. I think that weight was perfect for you today. Watching you bench doubles and singles at the end was great. Thats the way that workout is supposed to get ya.

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