Deadlift 3 x 5

Deadlift 3 x 5


I was losing core tension on the last two reps big time, so I backed down the weight on the last set and worked on form a little. Much better

Then I did 12 or 13 consecutive reps at 170#.

I usually shoot for 15-20 with 155# and get to about 15 and lose my grip. The weight is never a problem, I just can’t hang on to the bar. Today I upped the weight and lost my grip again – I could have done more reps if not for that.

No time for a metcon, work is still insanely busy. I snuck in sets of five burpees here and there when I could throughout the day. I think I did 25 total before I had to climb back in the tractor for seven hours. Nothing to do but sit and go round and round.


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