These Are Just Two of My Favorite Things

100 Day Six-Pack Challenge – Day 87

Deadlift 3 x5 



50 burpees for time


According to CrossFit Virtuosity’s site today is day 87 of the Challenge. According to my math it’s day 82.

Em, it appears that I am missing five days somewhere. I’d actually like to know what happened during my apparent five day blackout. Here’s my theory:

I did Fran as RX’d with 95# and did it in 1:58.
I hit a deadlift PR of 425#. 
I overhead squatted 250# for 15 reps.
I did Helen in 7:00.
I won $234 million dollars in the lottery.
I learned to fly.
I cured cancer.

Of course, my theory may not be totally accurate. That’s why it’s called a theory.

Today’s food: almond butter; 2 beef brats; Zone bar; cervelat; roasted turkey breast; green beans; mixed nuts; cervelat.


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