What’s This Barbell For Again?

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 78

Deadlift 3 x 3

200#/210#/210# (F on rep 3 due to grip)

1 x17 at 150# (grip failed at rep 17)


10 rounds for time:

10 jumping pull-ups
10 push press, 30#
10 sit-ups
Sprint 100 meters


I cracked myself pretty good on the chin on the very first push press, which caused me to stand in befuddlement for a moment while I tried to figure out why I was standing there holding a barbell. Luckily, I was looking right at the white board, which had the WOD helpfully written on it. Good thing too, or I may have just wandered around the house with the barbell for a while.


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