Tabata Mish-Mash

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 58


“Tabata Mish Mash”

Twenty seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest for 8 rounds of the following exercises:

Jump Rope
Push-ups (all strict)
Abmat Sit-ups

 I didn’t write my rounds down but from what I can remember it looked something like this:

JR: 40/50/40/35/25/40/30/25 = 285
PU: 12/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 = 82
SU: 14/14/14/14/14/13/14/13 = 110
SQ: 17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17 = 136

Total: 613

The jump rope numbers are not entirely accurate, but close. I did anywhere from over 50 to under 30 per round. Let’s just say I had coordination issues. It was not pretty.


3 thoughts on “Tabata Mish-Mash

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  2. Tami, I can’t jump rope to save my life. I can’t hit double unders without smacking myself repeatedly with the rope. 😦 I feel your pain.

    • Grrrr, i know – jump rope confounds me. I had a dream the other night I learned to levitate and I was excited about it because that meant I could do double unders. Ha!

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