There Was A Little Blood

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 57


Run 5K

When I pulled up to the box this morning I knew I was in trouble. Four of the people from the first class were sitting in the drive way, absolutely soaked in sweat. I got out of the car and walked towards them and they gave me that look. You know that look, the “I was just completely miserable and very soon you will be too” look. I think I said “Uh-oh!” or some such witty thing and they  just laughed maniacally. (OK, maybe not maniacally, I don’t think they had enough energy for that. Maybe they just giggled a little.)

Then I found out that they had all just ran a 5K. 

Crap! Running. Lots of running! I ran through quite a few scenarios in my head about how I could get out of it, but nothing sounded like anything other than me being a total cupcake so I sucked it up and did it.


This is one of those instances where having an affiliate is a good thing. I never would have made myself do this if I was alone. I would have just said “Yeah, like, whatever” and did some deadlifts or push jerks instead.

About two minutes faster than my lask 5K in January, which I did on a treadmill. This felt much, much easier than that despite some wicked humidity and a long, nasty hill at the end. The only running I’ve done since then was Helen twice (three 400 meter runs, KB swings, and pull-ups), a 400m repeat workout, and a KB swing/sprint WOD. So, in five months I’ve ran three times and dropped my 5K time by two minutes. Not bad, considering that’s about the time I was averaging on 5K’s back when I ran 3-5 miles, three times a week. Except that now I can clean and jerk 115 pounds, deadlift 230 pounds, and box jump 20″. Back then I was doing 6″ box jumps and 50# leg raises.

Judo class tonight. We ran through about 2/3 of the regular throws and then did randori for the rest of the night. I ended the class with tape on about five different parts of my body and a little bit of blood here and there. Just one of those nights.

One of the senior students in class said my randori is greatly improved and that I have the empty jacket thing going on. I have never considered myself good at randori (or good at judo for that matter), so that was a huge compliment for me. I never know with the guys in class if I’m really throwing or pinning them or if they are letting me do it because I’m a girl. With Shoulders and the Crusher I know where I stand, because we don’t let each other do anything. If you get a throw, you really got a throw, and if someone taps out it’s because their eyeballs were about to pop out of their head. No sissy girls allowed.

Today’s food: banana, summer sausage, Zone bar, ham & cheese omelette, summer sausage, cheeseburger with low carb tortilla, small piece of dark chocolate.


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