Mama Said Choke You Out

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 56

Kyuki-Do class tonight. A large group of our students are going to Billings in a few weeks for a Judo/Juijitsu seminar so we worked on chokes tonight to get them prepped. We had four students there tonight who were also judokas who were able to assist, but the majority of the students had never done chokes before. The Engineer demoed and I was his uki for most of them, so that meant I got double the chokes for my money tonight. The Engineer’s wife was also in class tonight and I think she was sorely disappointed that she didn’t get to wrap her hands around his neck at least once.

“Can I choke you? Please?”

“Errr, no. No, I don’t think so.”

Smart man.

I’m not married, and never have been, but from what I can gather there are two rules of matrimony you never break.

  1. Never buy your wife exercise equipment for Christmas/her birthday/your anniversary.*
  2. Never let your wife choke you on purpose.

*Exception to Rule #1 – If you and your significant other are CrossFitters Rule #1 does NOT apply. Concept 2 rowers, oly bars, bumper plates, kettlebells, gymnastics rings, and pull-up bars are all acceptable gifts.

If a man ever gifted me with any of those items first I would swoon, then probably faint, and then I would love him forever. 

After Kyuki-Do class the Crusher came in and she and I did some extra credit work. We went through the first six techniques of Nage no Kata and then she talked me into doing back-to-backs.

I don’t know how that happened. I was joking when I suggested it, but she was excited by the prospect and I had one of those “#$%@, why did I say that?” moments. She had a lovely shiner from last nights fiasco and my neck was still aching, but we went at it anyway. It was fun, and we had plenty of time to stop and talk things over if something did or didn’t work right. Yes, I got Crushed, but I also reciprocated some crushing of my own. Ha – sweet revenge!

Today’s Food: I spent most of the day sorting out my DOA fridge problem, so I ate a couple of Zone bars, a banana, some brats (no bun of course, but I think that goes without saying), some ground beef and some summer sausage. I now have another fridge (not to be confused with a new fridge) which looks as if it might need to be put down at any moment, so for now I am able to buy and hoard vast quantities of meat. Tami likey meat.


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