Me Kick Now!

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 49

Kyuki-do class tonight. One of the other ladies and I requested that we kick something as we both had frustrating days and were feeling a tich on the violent side. So we got to kick the hand pads, which is fun, but not quite as cathartic as the heavy bag. 

Our instructor is a great guy and a talented martial artist, but he’s an engineer and I think he is a tad to analytical. He explains everything in great detail before we do it – which is great, don’t get me wrong – but the whole time he’s talking about angles and trajectories and hip placement I’m just standing there thinking “KICK! ME KICK! ME KICK NOW!”

Probably why I’m not an engineer. Who needs a level when you can just smack it with a hammer?

Crusher and I stayed after class to do a little extra judo homework. She’s supposed to test for black belt in October and is feeling anxious about the kata. More specifically, she’s feeling anxious because we never get to practice the kata. So we watched some video of the world champion kata performances and went through the first three movements in great detail. 

She said she felt better after we were done. So do I. I’m glad we’re worrying about this now and not in say, oh, September.

Today’s food:

Picture 1

Nage no Kata video with explanation from the Kodokan:


2 thoughts on “Me Kick Now!

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  2. I’ve only just come across your blog and your 100 Day Six Pack challenge. What a great idea. Will check back for progress but you’re half way through and I hope the results are coming along. Will bookmark you on Digg too…

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