Ham Hocks

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 48


5 Rounds for time:

7 front squats (72#)
14 push-ups
21 jumping pull-ups


I was worried I would feel sore from the big row yesterday, but I felt great during the warmup and on a few test squats. Then after Steve yelled “3-2-1, go!” and I got about five reps in I realized I was in trouble.

You know that feeling, right? A few reps into a workout and you just KNOW – uh-oh, this is gonna be ugly.

My legs just died. Seriously. I felt like I had two big Virginia hams strapped to my pelvis. The hickory smoked kind, just to be absolutely clear. Turns out it’s not so easy to do a CrossFit workout with hams strapped to your legs. But, eh, I slogged through it.

Later tonight I packed up my ham hocks and hobbled off to judo class. We concentrated on two techniques: Kata Garuma and a one-leg takedown. We did both throws from our knees, so my hams took a nice beating tonight. We finished off with about 15 minutes of randori and called it a night.

Today’s food:

Picture 1

I think I’m going to have to stop by the kitchen one more time tonight. I’m having the strangest craving for pork.


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