Bench Press

 100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 30


Bench Press 5×5

53#/73#/83#/89# (PR)/93# (PR)

Brief rest then:

50 reps of 50% 5 rep max bench press weight for time.


This is only the second time I’ve ever done bench press. They are very high on the list of things that terrify me:

1. Spiders
2. Clowns
3. Bench Press
4. Politicians
5. Being the uke on tome-nage 

As you can see, they rank higher than politicians, so yeah, they freak me out. I think I could have gone heavier than 93#. That set actually seemed easier than the 89# set for some reason.  

Today’s Food:


50 burpees

Someone asked me why I punish myself with the burpees, but I don’t actually see it as punishment. I really am starting to enjoy them. I think due to my judo background falling face first to the ground is something I’m actually halfway good at. They also seem to be having a great benefit on my upper body strength. My max rep pushup numbers have doubled in the last month and I easily hit a 10# PR on the bench press today. Burpees are good! Long live burpees!


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