Branding, Day Nine

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 27

Branding Fiasco – Day Nine

More branding this morning. Hopefully it’s the end. Over. Finito. Kaput. 

Except for those two new 2,000 pound bulls, that is. Which is what I’m going to be doing tomorrow. Yay.

I was going to do some deadlifts tonight, at the very least. My legs, however, voted NO. The rest of my body was upset, because we do love deadlifts. I guess my legs have more electoral votes, because they won. No deadlifts. (Side note, I’m a little worried that I’m referring to my body parts as “we”.)

My poor legs have been kicked, stepped on, smashed, thrown around and generally worked hard during the glorious nine day branding extravaganza. To top it off today, a big old cow kicked me right on my kneecap, which resulted in me staggering around the corral making noises like a beached orca. WoooooAhhhhhWoooooArowowowowoWooooooo!

Today’s Food:

Picture 2


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