Shoulder Press

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 26

Day eight of branding. That’s right, eight days to brand 140 calves. Horrible. And we’re not done yet – we have 20 to brand tomorrow morning. I think this might be an all-time record for ranching ineptitude.

Tonight I did:

Shoulder Press 3 x 5

65#/70#/72# (Fail on rep 5)

then 12-9-6 reps at 60#

Today’s food:

Picture 1


2 thoughts on “Shoulder Press

  1. Just a question for you . . . what are you using to track your diet. It looks like it may be a Google Doc, but I”m not sure. I just happened upon your site as I’m just getting started with CFSB myself and was curious to see who else was doing it. I’ll look into it more tonight.


    • Hi Dave, I’m using a computer program called Calorie King. I used to us Diet Power, which is awesome, but I switched to a Mac and unfortunately Diet Power doesn’t make a Mac version of its software.

      Calorie King is good, but not as good as Diet Power, IMO. DP has a great tool for tracking your workouts, which CK lacks. I don’t even bother entering workouts on CK because there’s no way to explain something like CrossFit or Judo to it.

      If I remember right, you can also enter custom recipes on DP and it will figure up the nutrients, etc. for you.

      Good luck with CFSB, it’s a great program.

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