Burpees In Exotic Locations

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 25

More cattle work today, and there was lots yesterday too. In fact, it took us five hours to move 48 cattle two miles yesterday. For those of you that are non-cattle herders out there. That is… A. Long. Time. Then we only got about half of them into the corral and branded. 

Today we vaccinated 50 yearling heifers and moved them from their winter lot to fresh pasture. That took all afternoon. Then we moved some more pairs (cows and their baby calves) about three or miles to their summer pasture. Halfway there one of the ATV’s overheated and The Boss left me with it and went home for some antifreeze. While I was waiting I did 100 burpees and then ran some hill sprints. I was hoping to get 10 sprints in, but The Boss reappeared after number three, so I had to shut it down. All unapproved activities cease and desist with the arrival of The Boss.

I didn’t log my food the last two days because I was just to darn tired. A little ice cream, but other than that not too bad.

Here was my view while I was doing my burpees. Not bad, eh?



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