Bad Day

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 23

Wanna know why it was a bad day? Because I did squats, that’s why. I even compounded my misery by videotaping myself doing squats and actually forcing myself to watch it. Makes me sick to my stomach. 

Of course, I am lucky that I am able to do my dreadful, awful, ugly squats. I am well aware that there are people out there that wish they could do the things that I do that I take for granted, even if I do them badly. Really, really badly.

That being said, today I did 3×3 back squats:


The last two sets I widened my stance and pointed my toes out a lot. It didn’t help me to keep my torso from folding over, but it was a little bit better and I could actually feel my hamstrings firing. Victory in small things. Yet it is frustrating to be getting worse at squats while I’m getting better at deadlifts. At least I’m getting better at something.

Today’s food:

Picture 1            Picture 2


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