Day 21

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 21

No CrossFit workout today. Ranch work all day — branding calves, sorting and moving cattle, fixing fence, moving equipment around. I kind of ran out of time to get some CrossFit in, but the branding in and of itself is quite a workout. It’s just my mom and I and we use a calf table. So the pusher (me) has to walk down a 20 foot long chute to a pen of calves, grab a calf, get it to go into the chute, push it down the chute to the table at the end, and push it into the table so the person running that can catch the head and body and tip table and calf up. Then if the unfortunate calf is a bull, the leg holder (also me) has to wrap a rope around the back legs and hold them so someone can castrate the calf. Then after the calf is branded and vaccinated the table is tipped back down, the calf is released and it’s back down the chute for another one. Whew! We didn’t do that many today because we got started late, but that’s what the rest of my week is looking like.

My weekend was a total disaster. I have been eating cyclic low carb/ketogenic and Saturday was my carb day. I fully and honestly intended to keep it to about 12 hours, but I started out with a fresh bagel from the local bagel shop and it was all downhill after that. I just went bonkers. It was kind of like that sugar rush was a trigger and I just ate everything in sight for two days. Mother’s Day didn’t help much either, with all that dark chocolate falling from the sky. I did 200 burpees, but there’s no way that fully covered my sins for the weekend. Bad girl, bad!

Today’s food:

Picture 1


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