Deadlifts and Toe Crunchin’

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 15

Workout this morning:

Deadlift 3 x 5


Then one set of 8 with 155# and one set of 10 with 155#. They were supposed to be one set of 12 to 15, but my grip failed on 8. My bar is way too big for my hands and I simply cannot do a hook grip. On the second set I tried for a kinda hook grip by pinching the tip of my index finger with the tip of my thumb. I need a better bar.

I finally made it back to judo class tonight. We did some breakfalling and then Crusher and I went through the takedowns, pins, chokes and arm bars. Then we jumped in with the rest of the class and started working on the throws.

We were on ouchi gari and I was the uke for a new guy. Now this new guy is no ordinary guy. He’s huge. Like NFL linebacker on the juice huge. Or maybe WWE wrestler on the juice huge. You get the point, he’s big. I was looking down at his feet and thinking to myself “My God, those are the biggest feet I’ve ever seen.” Right about then he took a hard step and one of those gigantic feet landed right on my little tiny foot. Crunch!

I’m not sure, but I think my big toe might be broken. Not to be all TMI and everything, but I can feel things popping around in there when I wiggle it, which is always a good indicator. But there’s no bruising yet, so maybe it’s not broken. I really hope not, I’ve got too many things to do that require the use of my toes.

I’ve had six broken toes so far, mostly from freaky accidental things like giant linebackers WWE wrestlers stepping on me. It’s never from anything bad-ass like kicking a hole through a stack of bricks or kicking a charging mountain lion out of midair. I don’t know why my toes are so fragile. I’ve never had another broken bone and I’ve been mauled by various large farm animals, had heavy things dropped on me, fallen out of the rafters of a garage onto a cement floor, and been run over or into by lots of motor vehicles. Nary a scratch. But look at my toes in a stern manner and snap, over they go. The little sissies anyway.

Today’s food:



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