Back Squats

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 14

Back Squat 3×3


I tried to keep my torso more upright and my weight on my heels. Felt a little better today, although my knees were making some incredibly freaky sounds. I thought about playing some loud music so I couldn’t hear them. I would have just hummed and stuck my fingers in my ears, but I was back squatting so my hands were occupied and I was holding my breath. So much for that plan.


3 rounds of:

Run 1/4 mile
10 weighted situps (10#)
15 back extensions


The runs felt pretty good, my endurance has definitely increased. My lower back, however, was killing me on the runs. I think it might be the treadmill, because I don’t have this problem when I run outside. Weird. It happened the last time I did Helen too.

The last two days my disappearing deadhang pull-ups have resurfaced as well. I’ve actually been doing chest to bar singles for the last two days. I have no idea why I can do them some days, and not others. I would suspect it has a lot to do with diet. I think I’m in ketosis or close to being there, and I seem to be stronger when I’m in that state.

I went out last night and made a video of the cows contentedly grazing in the pasture. We’re all glad that spring is here. Believe me, we’re very glad. One more blizzard and I think we would have all snapped. Mad cows, mad humans, probably mad chickens too. We would have just been one big funny farm, literally.


Today’s Food:

picture-7          picture-8


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