My Inner Doom

100 Day Six Pack Challenge – Day 10

I felt really blah all day. I overslept, woke up late, had to rush around all day trying to catch up and didn’t have time to work out until later this evening. I was just dreading it – like when you dread something so much it feels like you have a weight on your shoulders. So, I didn’t do anything. I’ve worked out when I’ve felt like this before and I’ve ended up hurting myself. I feel guilty for skipping a WOD, but sometimes it pays to listen to your inner doom. I’ll hit it hard tomorrow.

Today’s Food: egg salad, 2 beef brats, lots of mustard, ham, cheese, beef burrito w/low carb tortilla, guacamole & shredded cheese, almond butter, 3 PB M&M’s, 2 choc. covered almonds, 1 apple.

I might eat something before I go to bed tonight, I think I may not be getting enough food the last few days. I need more meat!


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