Tabata Mashup and Deadlifts

100 Day Six Pack Challenge: Day 8

Strength Workout:

Deadlift 3×3                                                   Deadlift 12-9-6

Set 1   2 3        Reps 12 9 6
Weight   205#     210# (PR)               Weight 150# 160# 165#


Tabata Mashup
Hang Power Cleans, 75#
Push Jerk, 75# 

Set   HPC   Jerk  
 1  8  6
2 6  5
3 8  4
4 4  3
5 4  3
6 5  4
7 4  3
8 4  5
Total   43 33

Talk about an ass kicker. Whoo! I couldn’t use my arms for about 15 minutes. My marker quit working at the end of set two and I had to pause the timer, dash upstairs and find a piece of paper and a pen, which accounts for the slight spike on the cleans on set 3. It didn’t last long. I also used my new 15# bumpers from Rogue Fitness and I discovered that they bounce a lot higher than my other bumpers. That bar was jumping all over the place. I was nervous dropping my el-cheapo bar. I’ve never dropped it from completely overhead, and I’ve always feared a Byers-type bar snapping fiasco. I had no choice today, I simply couldn’t hold it up on the last half of the sets.

I hit a PR on the second set of deadlifts so per the CF Strength Bias program I quit after that set. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to increase weight on the 12-9-6 set, but I felt good so I did.

Stupid Tami CrossFit Trick of the Day:

I walked by the bench pictured below and thought to myself “I wonder if I could jump on that?” Two important things to note:

1. The bench is varnished and shellacked, and a little bit slippery.
2. I was wearing socks.
3. The wall hanging was made out of barbed wire. REAL barbed wire.


The good news is that apparently I can box jump just over 20 inches now, and I didn’t break anything (on my body or in the house.)  The bad news is the scratches will take a week or so to heal. I really need to start thinking these things out more.

Today’s Food:

Cheesy scrambled eggs, Dark Choc. Zone bar (post WOD), turkey, almond butter, cheese, chicken breast, big romaine lettuce salad w/shredded cheese & bacon, few grapes, 4 peanut butter M&M’s, tiny bit of cookie dough (probably about 1 teaspoon), two tablespoons of whipped cream right out of the can (I’m not proud, but I’m honest.)

Burpee penalties: None.

Burpees in the bank: 50


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