High Pulls & Dips

100 Day Six Pack Challenge: Day 7


Back Squat 3×5


12-9-6 reps at 80#

I worked on form today, trying to keep my chest up, weight in my heels and trying not to taco. Moderate success.


4 rounds for time of:

21 SDLHP, 65#
21 Ring Dips (red band)


 This one was from the HQ site today and RX’d was 5 rounds. I’ve been following the CF Strength Bias program for a couple of weeks and it said today should be a 15 minute or under metcon. I thought about finishing the last round, and I probably should have. I would have been over 15 minutes but under 20. Or maybe I should have scaled it different, like more rounds of 10 reps and heavier on the pulls. Whatever, I did it, and it’s done.

I got my Iron Woody bands in the mail today just in time to do the WOD. I must say, I greatly prefer the IW bands over the McMaster-Carr bands. Much better quality and worth the little extra money.

Today’s Food: Almond butter, turkey, cheese, dark chocolate Zone bar (post WOD), banana, few grapes, pork chop, big salad w/romaine lettuce, blue cheese dressing, shredded cheese and crumbled bacon, more almond butter, 4 peanut butter m&m’s, one dark chocolate covered almond, one slice Aunt Patti’s homemade bread w/honey butter.

Penalty burpees: 50

Burpees in the bank: 15

A word of hard-earned advice: DO NOT do burpees in knee high rubber dairy boots. Ouch.


2 thoughts on “High Pulls & Dips

  1. We haven’t done SDLHP in a while. Other than your obvious fetish for chocolate covered nuts you seem to be doing well on your challenge.

    I spent the morning walking about town in my knee high rubber dairy boots. Had a hankering to do some burpees . Thank goodness I checked here first….

    When you coming back to the big city? I owe you for 22 dozen eggs and am more than willing to go further in debt – plus we miss you at the gym too.

  2. Actually, my fetish for chocolate covered things encompasses just about every edible thing in the universe. Although I may draw the line a tarantulas. But if they were covered in Scharfenberger dark chocolate, I really can’t say, I might go for it.

    Re: Dairy boots & burpees. See? I do the field testing and save everyone else the grief of doing incredibly stupid things.

    Don’t know when I’ll be back. I was hoping this week, but we still have 4 heifers to calf out. Not really a lot of work but exhausting because you have to check them every 3 hours 24/7.

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