Shoulder Press


Shoulder press 3×5

60#/65#/70# (F on rep 5)

10-7-4 reps at 60#

Food: Bad, bad day. I had a church retreat all morning and afternoon and then a birthday party tonight. The closest thing to Paleo food was lasagna. I finally gave up and decided to chalk it up as a cheat day. I’d be doing burpees until 5 a.m. if I tried to atone for all my sins today.

Burpee penalties: 100 (yes, I squeezed in 100 reps. The guilt, the guilt…)

Rest day tomorrow. I really need a burpee-less day, so I’m going to try my best to be good. 

For the week:

CrossFit workouts: 5
Burpee penalties: at least 300
Weight: down 1 pound since Tuesday


6 thoughts on “Shoulder Press

    • Well, to be fair to myself in this instance, there was nothing to eat but the lasagna and I was hungry.

      As far as the other 99% of the time, I guess I just like to eat more than I hate burpees. Actually, I kind of like burpees so I would probably be doing them anyway just for fun and to blow off a little steam.

      If I wanted to really punish myself I should probably doing something I REALLY hate, like thrusters or squats.

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