And Now You Must Pay…



5 rounds of:

5 Push-ups
10 Kettlebell Goblet squats, 35#
15 Kettlebell swings, 35#


This was meant to be AMRAP 20 minutes, but my lower back was absolutely killing me so I cut it to 5 rounds. I don’t know if my hamstrings are tight or what, but man, it hurt.

So, feeling guilty because I shorted myself 10 minutes, I did the following:

Run 4 x 1/4 mile, 2:00 minute rest.


I ran these barefoot on the treadmill. Yeah, that seemed like a good idea at the time, but by the last round I was building up some serious friction. Blister city, baby.

I also did a lot of burpees today. I did burpees because I was a bad, bad girl. Zesto. Muddy River Twist. Capeesh? For those of you not from Pierre, South Dakota, Zesto is a local drive in that has absolutely killer ice cream. It’s like a Dairy Queen Blizzard only Zesto totally kicks Dairy Queens butt. Completely kicks it – like opens a can of Whoop-Ass kicks it. I wasn’t sure how many burpees to do, since one cookie is 50, so I just did them all day. I lost count, but I did at least 150, possibly 155, 160, or 165. Let’s just say a lot, and leave it at that. Was it worth it? Oh yeah! 

I’ve come to realize that I’m either going to kick my sugar cravings or I’m going to get REALLY good at burpees.

I’m going to be the burpee queen.

Food today: Hamburger, shredded cheese, Muddy River Twist, Zone bar, almonds, tiny bit of chocolate nut bar (really, after 100 burpees what’s a few more?), turkey, almond butter.


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