4 rounds for time:

Row for 15 calories
20 wallball, 8#
25 jumping pull-ups
30 tuck jumps


I made it in to Dakota CrossFit for a one day only appearance, and this is what happened to me. I had to request the bucket at one point – I seriously thought I was going to spew. Ouch.

Later this afternoon I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk on my favorite trail, which is finally devoid of ice. Ah, fresh air, birds singing, sunshine, the smell of the decaying leaves. Heavenly. Except now my legs hurt even worse than they did this morning. At the end of the trail I came to a bench and busted out ten box jumps. I measured it against my leg and it was about 18″, so ha-ha! getting closer to 20″ box jumps!

I had a serious almond butter craving this morning, but – get this – the grocery store does not stock it any more! What the… what kind of two bit town is this anyway, when you can’t even buy the nectar of the gods, ALMOND BUTTER? So I was forced, forced I tell you, to buy a pint of Edy’s Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Explosion ice cream. Seriously, the grocery store worker held a gun to my head and said I had to buy that and eat it. No, that’s not true, it didn’t happen. It was really Steve’s imaginary friend that made me do it. 

On a note completely unrelated to fitness in any way: I’ve been away for a while and I came home to find my kitchen had been invaded by ants. I was obligated to counter attack, but the last time I used the bottled ant poison it didn’t work. I looked it up on the internet and it turns out it doesn’t have arsenic in it any more. What is the point of selling ant poison that doesn’t have poison in it? Do they think that the ants will look at the tasteless, harmless glob of goo I put out and say “Well, she’s serious now. Let’s get out of here!” 

So I used my secret weapon, which I accidentally discovered during a previous ant war: Windex. Spray the little buggers with a good coat, let them drown, wipe ’em up and voilà, no more ants. When I was researching ant genocide on the internet I found out other people had also discovered this method and that Lemon Pledge was also very effective (how did we ever live without the internet, especially with all that dangerous arsenic in ant poison?) So I whipped out a bottle of that and hosed down the entire kitchen, including the floor. My neighbors must think I’m very clean. Here’s a tip though: Lemon Pledge is extremely slippery – especially when applied to linoleum floors – so be very careful when you run through the kitchen in your socks. AFLACK.


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