Perfect Day


The weather was absolutely perfect today: not hot, not cold, not windy, not humid, not dry, just dead on perfect. There haven’t been that many good days in the last year. We’ve had some bizzarro weather here – drenching rain, wicked thunderstorms, tornados, hail, snow, ice, swarms of mosquitos, and wind you can’t believe. When a day like today comes along, you take advantage of it – so the dogs and I went for a nice long walk out on the gravel road. I didn’t take a watch, I didn’t keep track of how far we went, we just went and had fun. 

Well, two of us had fun. Gus (seen above) is not an endurance doggie. Gus is more of a “I’ll just lay here and eat Milk Bones” doggie. He needed seven water breaks (I did keep track of that) in about three miles. Beetle and I had to stop and wait for him quite a few times, and I was actually getting worried that I might have to carry him, which would have been a feat because the big fella probably weighs in at about 80-90 pounds. Gussie might need to get on a fitness program. Beetle, who at 13 years old is definitely an elderly dog, kept looking back at him with what I’m guessing was either scorn or pity. She didn’t think we should wait for him. She’s cold.

Beetle and I had a blast, we threw in some sprints and hill runs here and there when the mood struck. It was great to get outside and smell the fresh spring air, see the ducks and birds and listen to the frog symphony. Here’s hoping for many more perfect days this summer, and here’s hoping I don’t have to get a baby jogger for old Gussie.


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