My First RX’d Pull-up WOD… Almost

Weighted Pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


My Michigan J. Frog pull-ups reappeared out of nowhere today, so I decided to try the weighted pull-up WOD tonight. The first 5# rep was legit: strict dead hang throat to bar. The next one was chin to bar and the next two were almost chin to bar. The last 5# rep was about nose to bar, so I dropped it down to 2.5# for the next one which was about chin to bar, and the last one was legit chin over bar.

Now, I realize I’m not setting the world on fire with my massive weighted pull-up numbers, but considering that I didn’t have any dead hang pull-ups in January I’m well pleased with this. I also did about five or six unweighted pull-ups throughout the day, getting almost chest to bar on one.

Continuing on with the pulling theme… I pulled a calf all by myself today. We had a four year old cow that had a backwards calf. We chased her, literally, all over the pasture for about two hours before we finally got her to the barn. She just paced around and we didn’t have any way to catch her, so The Boss left to go get a rope and the trailer. Almost as soon as she left the heifer laid down on some hay. I slowly walked up behind her and slipped the strap over the calf’s feet, which were out. I tried pulling by hand but my legs weren’t long enough to get enough leverage, so I got out the “calf puller”, which is something that looks like a medieval torture device — lots of straps and winches and stuff. Anyway, a few cranks and the calf was out, and miraculously, alive. The whole time the heifer just laid there, glancing calmly over her shoulder every now and then, as if saying “Do what you gotta do, just get that thing out.” 

Needless to say, I was pleased as punch with myself, having attained the best possible outcome in the five minutes The Boss was away. Did I get a “thank you?” Heck no. I never do, and The Boss seemed surprised that I actually did something right. For crying out loud, I’ve seen it done a hundred times. I’ve always had the extremely important job of Holding The Tail since I was a little kid, so I’ve had the best seat in the house every time (or worst, depending on how squeamish you are about those things.) So, I just gave myself a silent, imaginary pat on the back. 

“Good job self.”


“You’re not quite the idiot we thought we were.”

“Uhhhh, thanks. I think.”

So my tally for the day: weighted pull-ups, check; one live calf, check. Good day.


2 thoughts on “My First RX’d Pull-up WOD… Almost

  1. Nice job on the pullups! We’re going hard at it down here. All the guys who did a free week last week were back this morning – plus 2 more new folks this morning. We got more cars at 0600 than the wal mart! The girls spanked “Cindy” this morning – improving 2-4 rounds… Way to go on the calf pullin. Whats fun is when you get the puller on and hooked up to the calf and get some tension on it and then the “about to be new momma” decides to run around the barn. That is usually when “the boss” re-appears.

  2. Thanks Steve! Great to hear the gym is filling up. I can’t wait to get back and get to work. Nice work by the girls on Cindy!

    Yes, the appearance of The Boss does seem to bring chaos along. The cows and I have worked out an agreement: I don’t yell at them or hit them and I give them delicious snacks, and they generally cooperate with me. As soon as someone else shows up, however, all bets are off. Guess they figure they only signed an deal with me so everything else is void.

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