A Rant

OK, I don’t get political on this blog much, other than to point out that I hate all politicians equally. But there are some things going on with our so called government that is driving me absolutely batty. I have just learned that Congress is debating over a bill that would require anyone who sells produce at a farmer’s market to require their customer to sign a list saying when they bought said produce and when they plan on eating said produce. Then, if said customer gets sick some pencil necked idiot geek in some government bureaucracy will check “the list” and if the customer ate the produce in roughly the same time frame as they got sick the poor old lady selling green beans at the farmer’s market is in deep shit. What the hell? When did we become the USSR? What’s next – reeducation camps?

Also being considered in the stinking, festering, rotting, formerly hallowed halls of Congress is another bill that would require any person who owns livestock to implant electronic id chips in the animals. Sounds like a good idea, right? It will make our food supply safe, right? WRONG. The big, mass production farms will be exempt. That means the corporations like Tyson and Con Agra can pump out cheap, corn fed, poor quality chicken, pork and beef to their heart’s content. The little farmers and ranchers, on the other had, will have to implement the Animal ID program on their own dime, which will effectively put them out of business. That means, you, the consumer in Berkley will no longer be able to purchase your organic grass fed meat (do people in Berkley eat meat, is it legal there, are you required by law to be vegan?) because the little farmers will no longer exist. Not surprisingly, the big factory farms heartily support the animal ID program because the government will effectively eliminate their competition. Genius! Another brilliant loophole included in the Animal ID bill is premises registration. Which means that you are effectively signing over your rights to your private property to THE GOVERNMENT. But they would never come in and take your land, house, barn, etc. for no reason, would they? As many people have already pointed out, we currently have an effective animal id system in place. It’s called branding and a bill of sale. But hey, can’t control the sheeple or fill the government coffers with that, can you? Is it me, or does this sound like serfdom? I believe we fought a frigging REVOLUTION to be rid of this kind of tyrannical rule.

Also in the works is, wait for it… the fart tax. I swear, I am not making that up. They want to tax farmers and ranchers for the methane gas that their livestock emits via farting. Oh. My. God.

The problem is we now have a ruling class. Our government is made up of “intellectual elites” that have never had a real job, and if they did it was so long ago they don’t remember what it was like in the real world. That, and they are all assholes. And stupid. And evil. They are EVIL, STUPID ASSHOLES. Every single one of them, I don’t care if they have a “D” or an “R” after their name. EVIL STUPID ASSHOLES! I don’t curse much, but I honestly can’t think of a better way to describe politicians than EVIL STUPID ASSHOLES. It just fits perfectly.

You may think “Well, I’m not a farmer or rancher. So what?” You like eating good food, don’t you? If the little guys go out of business you are stuck with the bland, homogenized food the big corporations pump out by the ton. And do you think they are going to stop with farmers and ranchers? Do you know there is a bill in consideration that would ban incandescent light bulbs? Or one that will ban black cars? Or that Tim “Turbo Tax” Geitner wants Congress to grant him the power to dismantle ANY BUSINESS he thinks isn’t up to snuff? So the guy who is so stupid he can’t do his own taxes will have the power to take everything you have on a whim? Great. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. All hail the Dear Leader.

What if they decide CrossFit is too dangerous and they declare it illegal? Are you willing to go to prison for doing deadlifts? (On the upside, you can do lots of burpees while you are there, so maybe that’s not all bad, and I do think that thrusters should be illegal…) From now on people are only allowed to walk at 2.5 miles per hour for twenty minutes a day on a treadmill in an air conditioned gym with big screen tv’s that are playing messages from the EVIL STUPID ASSHOLES. It’s for your own good, you understand.

Are you ready to head to Washington with your torches and pitchforks yet? I am! But right now I have to hide, because I hear the black helicopters coming.

Mandatory Animal ID Program

The Cow (Fart) Tax


2 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. Thanks, I’ve seen a bit of that on Glenn Beck (Glenn Beck rocks, BTW.) Excellent. We need to hold the stupid evil assholes to the same standards they hold us to.

    The fat bonuses and benefits the SEA vote themselves just burns me up too. Not hard to see why they spend millions of $ to get a job that pays around $100K/year, and come out multi-millionaires when they are done. GRRRRR. Jokes on them though, when they run the country into the ground they won’t have any cash to pay themselves their benefits. They will be soft and fat and we will be lean and strong.

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