Run 1/4 mile
40 squats
30 sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups


Pull-ups were done with a band, push-ups strict. About halfway through the squats the Dynamax ball rolled out from under me and I fell right on my keister, which I found hilarious for the split second it took me to realize I still had to get up and do more squats. Then, not so much. 

Tonight, deadlifts:



1×16 @ 150# (my grip failed after about 10, the rest were stop and go so I could re-grip the bar.)

I’ve been slacking and my eating has gone completely off the rails for almost a week now, and boy do I feel it. The baseline WOD wasn’t too bad, until I sat down for a few minutes afterward and became suddenly and very violently ill. The cause, you ask? Oh, nothing but muffins, mashed potatoes, ice cream, cookies, brownies, noodles, homemade bread, etc., etc. Hmmmm, whatever could be my problem?

Coming soon: low carb ketogenic eating with lots and lots of protein. I like delicious baked goods, but I do not like feeling this way.

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