Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press 3×5

Set 1: 65#
Set 2: 70# (PR)

Final set: 1×14 at 55# (PR)

Per the CFSB protocol I hit a PR in my second set and stopped for the night. 14 reps at 55# is also a PR, my previous sets have been 15@50#.

Before, between sets and after I messed around with the jump rope a little. That’s a major goat for me, and I discovered tonight that it’s MUCH easier for me to rip off singles without shoes. As soon as I put shoes on I seem to lose control of my body and the rope flails around and whacks me in the head or on my toes. I don’t know, I’m not surprised by any idiosyncrasies at this point. Shoes = Tami no jump rope. No shoes = Tami do jump rope. Makes perfect sense to me.

I also tried a few behind the neck snatch jerks just to see what they felt like. I did about five with the empty bar and three or four with 50#. A little awkward but not bad for my first time. They make my shoulder hurt, though. That worries me a bit.


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