Front Squats, Push Press and Judo

This morning at Dakota CrossFit we did:

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

PP: 72/82/92/92/92
FS: 72/92/92/102/107 

I was kind of disappointed at the time because I thought I could go heavier than 92# on the push presses. However, looking back I see my three rep max PR is 93#, which is actually probably 90# depending on how heavy my bar is. So it’s either a 2# PR, or one pound under my PR. I tried 97# one time and had to bail. I know I can do that much because my push press PR is 110#, but my arms and upper back are so sore from the Death By Pull-Up workout yesterday that I am having trouble raising my arms over my head. So yeah, probably not gonna hit a PR today.

Tried to work on form in my front squats. Steve said I made them look easy, which completely shocks me because I have what is quite possibly the world’s ugliest squat. I mean doctor slaps your mama when you’re born ugly. I lean WAY to far forward and my back has a huge inward curve. I think this is due to really bad knees, and a total lack of flexibility in my calves, ankles, quads and hips. I have a certain amount of hip flexibility from martial arts but it doesn’t translate very well to squats. Okay, okay — it doesn’t translate AT ALL. I’ve been trying to work on it, but every time I get into a low squat to stretch, my knees make a sound like a big piece of gristly meat tearing. I don’t know how else to describe it, and that’s pretty much what it feels like too.

Kyuki-do last night. We did tournament forms, line kicking drills and pad kicking drills. Tonight in judo we separated into two groups and did all the throws and then worked on some reversals. We were doing a reversal for ippon seio nage that involved shoving your hand into the other person’s kidney. Shoulders and I were having trouble with our aim, so we decided we were going to draw a target over the right spot and write on it “In case of ippon, hit here.”


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